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Pre-Op Instructions

**PLEASE NOTE: In the event of cancellations, you may be asked to arrive earlier than the time you are scheduled. Please make yourself available if you are contacted.


  1. Our office will contact your insurance company to pre-certify your surgery.

  2. Do not eat or drink anything after midnight, the night prior to surgery. (With the exception of blood pressure, cardiac and hypertension medications)

  3. Wear baggy or loose fitting clothing.

  4. Leave all valuables at home.

  5. Do not shave the area where you are to have surgery.  Artificial/acrylic nails and chipped nail polish should be removed prior to surgery to minimize the risk of infection.  If you have any cuts, scratches, or abrasions on the operative area, call the office at (480) 451-3668 immediately.

  6. Discharge planning will be done after your surgery when we have a better idea of what your needs will be.  Arrangements for any special items needed for the home will be made during your hospital stay.  If you have crutches or a walker at home, please bring them to the hospital so that they can be appropriately adjusted; I encourage you to put a nametag on the item. Otherwise, the hospital will assist you in obtaining your ambulatory aid from the appropriate medical supply company prior to your discharge home.

  7. Please bring your home medications with you in the event that we are unable to obtain certain medications so that you can maintain your normal doses/schedule.

  8. If you are taking heart, cardiac, or blood pressure medications (other than diuretics or “water pills”), then you should take your medications as prescribed and scheduled with a small sip of water even on the day of surgery, unless otherwise directed by your pre-op clearance physician.

  9. Patients who are on a “Fen-Phen” type of weight reduction program, (i.e. taking medications such a Redux, Fenfluramine, Pondimin, Phentermine, Fastin, Ionamin, Meridian, etc.) MUST discontinue the program fourteen (14) days prior to surgery.  Patients taking St. John’s Wort, Ginko Biloba, Vitamin E, or Ginseng MUST discontinue taking fourteen (14) days prior to surgery.  This is a MUST!

  10. If you are taking Aspirin, Plavix, Coumadin, Ticlid, Persantine, or Aggrenox for medical reasons such as a stroke or heart related condition, PLEASE DO NOT STOP TAKING.  Simply call the prescribing doctor at least fourteen days prior to surgery so they may advise you further.  You will also need to contact our office at least fourteen days prior to surgery to inform us of the prescribing doctor’s decision.

  11. Pharmacy refills can be obtained by calling our pharmacy line (480) 451-3668.  Please call 48-72 hours prior to requiring a refill.

  12. No driving until cleared by your physician and no driving on post-op narcotics.

Our primary objective is YOU!!!  It is our goal that you enter the hospital informed and encouraged about your decision to enhance the quality of your life through this surgical intervention.  If you have any questions regarding your surgery, please call (480) 451-3668 and ask for the surgery coordinator.

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